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The Sanathan Shakti Society (SSS), also means “Seva, Satsang, Sadhana” is a Hindu religious organisation serving the religious and cultural needs of all Hindus living in the greater Edenvale/Kempton Park area.
Our aim is to provide a safe place where members can join in the teaching, promoting, worshiping and learning of the Hindu culture. To teach people, old and young the art of living with peace and harmony in our widely diversified country is our mission. Our primary objective is to nurture and mentor children, mainly the youth of today, they are our future leaders.
When we look around there is so little emphasis placed on the youth of today. Teenage pregnancy and drugs are on the rise and SSS believes in using the teaching of our beautiful culture, to guide and nurture our children. We also believe in assisting the poor, where we have embarked on a number of projects whereby food hampers, soup kitchens and Christmas parties were hosted by SSS, and this was done solely by the generosity of the members of SSS. SSS also collects clothes, blankets, food etc and then distribute it to shelters, homes and orphanages.
SSS was founded in March 2009. The legacy of our past prevented Indians (Hindus) from living in the Edenvale/Kempton Park areas. The advent of democracy saw a huge influx of Hindus settling in these areas. However the closest places of worship were the temples in Benoni, Midrand, Mayfair etc. With the traffic congestion in Johannesburg this was not a very viable option. This then prompted the formation of SSS.